Women everywhere are waking up early, leaving their children with childcare providers, and commuting into jobs they don’t love. They desperately want to make a change but don’t know how. Operating almost in survival mode, getting everyone where they need to be, answering to everyone else but their higher self. Often too close to see the forest for the trees – to realize they can use their strengths to create a life and business that work together.

Maybe you’ve checked all the boxes you thought would make you happy…yet feel like something is still off.

  • You may feel like there’s never enough (of you, time, money, energy).
  • You’re overwhelmed with parenting/work/life and are often exhausted or feel like you’re failing at something.
  • You’re often “too busy” for self-care.
  • You feel stuck in a rut and often guilty.
  • You want to enjoy your life, but can never seem to make good on those meditation and yoga class resolutions.
  • You want to work, live and parent on purpose, but always find yourself in reaction mode.

I may not know you yet, but I know this: you were once a bundle of joy. Let’s design a lifestyle so you feel more of what you want to (and less of what you don’t)!


  • Have more energy and time for what matters to you
  • Create more harmony in your home
  • Stop butting heads with your child(ren), spouse, or friends
  • Birth the business of your dreams
  • Take care of yourself AND your family

When a woman thrives, so do her children.

Deep down, what would you love to do but are too afraid to try? Where are your blind-spots? How are you unconsciously limiting yourself and your relationships? What do you want AND need more of?

And because you aren’t your work – you’re a whole person with dreams, desires, AND blind spots – we’ll work on coaching yourself through any relationship, situational, or emotional challenge. Now and in the future. (In fact, it’s my goal to partner with clients for awhile, and then hear from them again and again as they’re celebrating new epiphanies or referring one of their friends!)

Survival is just not enough for you anymore.

It’s time to thrive.