8 Reasons the Mother of Dragons would make a great mompreneur

Have you been thinking of creating your own business but not sure you have what it takes? Tired of working for someone else’s vision? Want more flexibility and time for the things that matter to you?

Well, I found some inspiration watching Game of Thrones last night with my hubby. (Yep, I’m ALWAYS on the lookout for new ways to inspire and entertain you!) FYI, Daenerys Targaryen would make an excellent Mompreneur.

Here’s 8 reasons:

1. She’s found her tribe and loves them hard.

Dani appreciates the genius that is Tyrion Lannister.

A mompreneur knows the importance of surrounding herself with uplifting confidants who believe in her and what she’s doing. They bring out the very best in her and she pours that back into them and her business.

2. She believes in herself.

Got a Mad King for a dad, don’t care.

A mompreneur knows that there will be plenty of naysayers who don’t understand what she’s doing or why, sometimes even within her own family. Above all, she has faith in herself and the impact she wants to make in the world.

3. She takes responsibility.

Dragons, y’all.

For the better and worse, her business is her baby. She invests in its future. She has compassion for mistakes and sets boundaries for course correction. She celebrates growth.

4. She knows the importance of self-care.

Well coifed and cliff gazing.

A mompreneur makes time to take care of herself, for solitude and reflection. She sees the correlation between feeling good and doing her best work. And a killer outfit and ‘do never hurt.

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5. She knows persistence and patience pay off.

There’s no whining in creating a queendom.

A mompreneur accepts the time it takes to meet her goals. She’s learned to get clear on what she desires and put aside her expectations on the “how.” She’s willing to take risks and keep trying. She pays attention to what works and lets go of what doesn’t.

6. She invests in her strengths.

Empathy and mad listening skills.

A mompreneur knows her client base. She’s found the sweet spot between her strengths and what she offers others. She knows who she serves and continuously expands herself to serve them better.

7. She’s not ashamed to ask for help.

Calling all Unsullied.

Part of knowing her strengths is knowing what isn’t. She recognizes others’ strengths and celebrates what distinctive contributions can be made by leaning on one another.

8. She’s aligned with her “why.”

And justice for all.

A mompreneur is fueled by her values and what matters most to her. She isn’t competing with herself. She’s heart-centered and grounded in her path of service.

Have something in common with the Mother of Dragons? Leave me a comment or let me know how this post inspires you. ♥

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