A Letter from A Conscious Parent

cropped-8953464065_26d37291a1_z.jpgDear Child,

There was a time when I thought you would complete me. That you’d come into this world, and mine would be made whole. That you’d be that missing piece of my heart that I’d be searching for. That I’d always be attentive, and nurturing, and exactly what you need.

But, I know now it’s not your job to complete me, to heal me, to lift me up. Just as it’s not my job to complete you.

You already are.

What I want most in this life for you, is your knowing this.

I’ll do my best to guide you, but when I slip (as I do sometimes as I’m still healing myself), I want you to know that my heart wants that for you.

We tend to lose a bit of ourselves as we grow up. (You may as well.)

In the process of finding yourself, you rely on others for happiness. You turn away from the parts of yourself you wish to ignore. You’re scared and run from your fears before you learn to befriend them.

Pain informs us. It’s these times of suffering that help us expand and grow. But my dear, here’s the most amazing part: once we see that there is no light without shadow, we no longer fear it.

You inspire me to be more of myself. You love me fiercely and without conditions. You challenge me to accept all of who I am. You inspire me to love as you do. With abandon and acceptance and joy. You’re teaching me how to invite back into my heart my own inner child – just as she is, with all her gifts and shadows.

You live in the present, showing me how to forgive what happened before and that tomorrow’s only in our minds.

I’ll keep trying to return the favor, so when you’re grown, you remember who you are. Wise, compassionate, creative, resourceful and clear.

I see and love all of you. And I’m so grateful you chose me to be your steward. ♥

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