When life gets too loud

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Can I just tell you? I was in my daughter’s class last week, and they sang a song that I haven’t been able to get out of my head! The wisdom of the lyrics is simple, yet far-reaching. It sums up what children try to teach us (in their own unique ways).

“All I really need is a song in my heart, food in my belly, and love in my family.”

Pretty simple right?

Yet, all too often we feel inadequate…stretched too thin…threadbare. Life gets pretty loud sometimes.

I know what this feels like. Five years ago, I felt stuck in a job that no longer served what I valued most. Part-time was no longer an option, and I felt like I had little input over the time that the role required. My values were in conflict, so I felt torn between providing for my family and actually being with them. Guilt followed me around incessantly. Even when I was with my kids, I was worried that I wasn’t doing enough for them. Then I found coaching, got clear on my power, and made a plan.

Fast forward to today, and I’ve created a body of work that I tend to from the comfort of my home office. I enjoy riding bikes to and from school each day with my children (when it isn’t raining!), and I have the flexibility to take on the number of clients that suits the season of my life. Last week, as I sat in my daughter’s classroom, I was overwhelmed with gratitude for where I am now. But would you believe, it has even more to do with my mindset than my circumstances?

I have to say…the stuckness, the guilt, the worry…it’s all really unnecessary.

When self-care takes a back-seat. When busyness drowns out clarity. When we question ourselves and what we’re made of. We’ve bought into some system that obscures soul guidance, and we mistakenly think there are no other options!

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I lived for years this way, so each time I find myself slipping back into old patterns, I know it’s a sign that I need to slow down and listen to the wisdom of my inner guide. Nowadays, I either self-correct back to a place of peace or get coaching from a colleague. From time to time, we all lose lost sight of the forest for the trees!

You too may have things that have simply gotten in the way of your truth and power.

I consider myself a life artist. Its messy and profound and mundane and miraculous all because I reclaim the song in my heart, every damn day.

Sometimes, this looks like dancing in the moment with my family. Others, it looks like painting a picture of possibility for client or friend. Others it looks like composing music with the stillness of my soul. Being in my own body, yet connected with something bigger than me.

A joyful life is your birthright.

If you’re stuck, might I suggest asking what is it that you really need? What would bring the song back to your heart? If you’d like support in bringing this vision to life, take a peek at my coaching offerings.

(Hint: You have to slow down to hear it.)

Still singing,

P.S. Time to face the music. Deep down, you are a miracle maker. Do you believe it?

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