Purple rain, cabin fever & 20 truths about our week stuck indoors

purple umbrellaLittle did I know a week ago, just how bad the flooding would get for so many in and around Houston! While we have so much to be grateful for, there are many who have been displaced.

Luckily, we had little to deal with other than a little stir craziness and lack of Vitamin D. But, we had to get really creative. I say it often, but geez – there really is learning in everything.

May this serve you next time you’re stuck inside with bad weather or sick kids.

1. Powerful questions invite exploration. If you could only have one dessert for the rest of your life, what would it be? What would be different if we grew hair on our feet instead of our heads? On the other hand, the only invitation some questions offer is Mom’s desire to run screaming for the hills. Case in point, “What’s for dinner?”

2. Prayer works better when you are unattached to an outcome. When “What’s for dinner” arrived at 10:00 a.m., I prayed aloud (very loudly) for it to stop. When that didn’t work, I prayed again instead for inspiration. Getting the idea to count the question made it comical. Our family best: 13 in one day.

3. Everyone needs time to regroup. I can count on my kids running upstairs to entertain themselves when I start doing the dishes…so I faked it. Twice.

4. Some rules can be broken once in a while. Teeth don’t actually fall out when you miss a few morning  brushes. (Sorry, Dr. Po.)

5. Desperation can make you inventive. A mic, a Princess Karaoke machine and a few poop lyrics make ANY song more fun. (Farewell Prince. I hope you enjoyed your send-off.)

6. Restoring balance takes raising consciousness. We used the last of our plastic straws and vowed not to buy any more. Instead of recycling our unused plastic containers, we up-cycled them for Lego storage. (Confession: I may have worn the same outfit for 48 hours too. Because, you know – water conservation.) Here are a few other ideas good for Mother Earth.

7. We only receive when we’re open to do so. I can call for the kids to come downstairs for help folding clothes until the cows come home. But sit down to do a little writing and they come running. Can I have “How I know my kids have a 6th sense for $500,” Alex?

monster at the end of this book cover8. Think things through. On Day 3, we sat down to read one of our favorites – A Monster at the End of This Book. I managed to ruin it forever by replacing “monster” with “big hairy butt.” Seriously, they won’t let me change it back.

9. Divide and conquer. Perhaps the phrase uttered most this week by me and my hubby was “Not it.”

10. When in doubt, try it out. “Camping out” in the same room was a successful sleeping adventure. Somewhat. (As a side note, dancing works for doubt too.)

11. Any task can be mindful. Separating Legos by color is oddly soothing for the part of me that likes things to be visually just so.

12. We are each on our own spiritual path. The more I let go of my agenda and let them be little, the more fun I have.

13. We actually need fresh air. I sort of forgot this for a few days. On Day 4, I backed the car out of the carport so we could “picnic” lunch in the middle of the driveway during yet another rain-shower. It was exactly what we needed.

Meme via Imgur user triedtothinkofausernamethatwasntalreadytaken

14. Music soothes the soul. Whether it’s a history night or the age old request reel, one thing our family can all agree on is music video dance party. Nearly every night.

15. The sum is often greater than its parts. One afternoon, I was schooled on making surprise “eggs” with Hot Wheels wrapped in Play-Doh and some googly eyes. Later that evening, I combined a bunch of leftover ingredients into a new favorite dinner. The state of the playroom by Friday was epic.

16. We need each other. It’s actually good to mix the Play-Doh colors together. It’s less “lonely” for them when they go back in their cans. Life lessons from my children are the best.

17. Less worry, more trust. Havoc was wreaked on my schedule, but my master closet was a quiet place to hide for the calls that couldn’t be moved to next week. I have no doubt that the ones that needed to move did, and the ones that stayed did were a blessing. When I stress less and go with the flow, everything feels like divine timing.

strawberry sundae18. Treats are extra special when they’re earned. At the last minute, my hubby and I realized we each had a call at the same time. So we put on a movie and issued a rare bribe challenge: no interruptions in exchange for ice cream. Our 1st outing in 5 days? How sweet it was!

19. Deep conversations feed the soul. The one made possible by #18 was with one of my most treasured spiritual teachers, coach Michelle Goss. Packed with wisdom for honoring ourselves, dealing with uncomfortable feelings, and one of her biggest motherhood lessons, this recording gets better each time I listen to it. You have to hear what she says about our future driving our present moment experience. It’s like a personal growth “easy button.” (Recording below.)

20. Nothing lasts forever. I caught myself staring at our beautiful babes at least a dozen times. Just staring out of future nostalgia for these ages as they played, soaking them in. But then again, every age has been “my favorite.”

What other ways have you managed through cabin fever? Share your comments below.

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