Disappointment and dealing with attack thoughts

open bookSo perhaps there was a “big” story that happened since my last post. But first, got a “little” story for ya.

As I had a quiet house this morning, everyone off doing their thing for the day, I decided to offer myself an intense meditation session, and I noticed feelings of excitement to get to it. It was gonna be great!

Within 10 seconds, all I could hear was the sound of my dog, lying on the couch next to me, licking his butt. Over and over.

Ugh. I was supposed to have this transcendent moment and this damn dog has ruined my plan!

All is intended as a chance for me to grow.

Allowing the feelings of disappointment to pass through me, quickly and productively, I noticed my attack thoughts and asked for healing.

Whether it’s a meditation or a presidential election, devastating medical news or a remission to celebrate, straight A’s or a failed test – everything is an opportunity for healing and re-connection to who we really are. When you look at things this way, there are no “big things” or “little things” – there’s only the meaning that we choose to give them.

So on a spiritual level, everything is meant for our growth. In fact, intended for our evolution.

We’re not here to learn, we’re here to remember.

Yep, just like Mufasa says in The Lion King, remember who you are.

No, we won’t always understand outcomes and we certainly won’t have all the answers. But, we can be here for each other. We can listen. We can open and expand to new perspectives, challenge old ways of thinking, go deeper, into a more authentic connection to our higher Self and to others.

Reconnect to the universal truth we were ALL born with inside, before it became unlearned.

We can only see that which we know.

When there’s separation, blame, and attack in our minds and hearts, we naturally see more of that reflecting back to us. When there’s harmony, compassion, and peace in our minds and hearts, we naturally see more of that reflecting back to us.

It’s from a centered place within that we can take empowered action out into the world. When we’re aligned with love – the only thing that’s real – then we can allow another the right to their own experience (children and neighbors alike). Leave our interactions with others truer than we found them.

Surrender is not throwing up our hands in victimized defeat; it’s relaxing into our heart with deep knowing that we’re all doing our best with the level of consciousness that we have. Harmony in all our relationships, first requires harmony within.

Transcending the false power of the ego is how we raise our own consciousness AND that of the world around us. This is how we come home.

Can you relate to this idea of having attack thoughts after a disappointment? How do you deal with them? Leave a comment and let me know.


P.S. I resisted an urge to get up and shake the dog. Instead, I vowed to give him a bath and held compassion for the bug that must have been chewing his ass.

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