How Hesitation Gets in Our Way

You’ve narrowed down the selections. Carefully weighed the pros and cons. And, finally come to your decision.

But still feel really nervous to take the action that will make it real. (Anxious even.)

Why is this?!

What makes the comfort zone so effing comfortable?

The simple fact is that most of us never feel totally “ready” for the changes that shape us.

I ALWAYS wanted to be a mom. But seven years ago, we had all the gear, read all the books, and yet still never felt “ready” to bring our daughter home from the hospital. (Even as 2nd-time parents, still never quite felt “ready” to have two of them!)

Generations of “Be careful!” have created neuro-pathways in our brains that have us more comfortable with the looking than with the leaping.

You can take the girl out of the scouts, but not the scout out of the girl.

Preparedness is one thing, but c’mon. Sometimes, we want the change so badly but find ourselves in a spiral of what ifs. Whether it’s a new relationship, new role, or new work, transitions call a host of insecurities up to the surface because they activate the ego.

What if I’m no good at this?
What if there’s not enough of me to go around?
What if it’s painful?
What if I’m wrong?

What if I waste my time/money/energy?
What if it’s worse?

What if they think I’m too young/old/fat/skinny/short/tall/shy/confident/pregnant?

It’s not lack of desire that keeps us from big change, it’s hesitation.

When we hesitate, our brain sends out chemicals signaling danger. About 1% of the time they keep us safe in perilous situations. Those signals are simply designed to keep us ALIVE.

The same chemical reaction happens when we’re planning meaningful changes in our routines, relationships and life. But this other 99% of the time, we’re not jumping out of planes!

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It’s rarely more preparation you need for creating more joy in your life. It’s more often a leap of faith to take the action that’s required to create it. (And another. And another…)

Where is hesitation getting in your way of creating more joy today? Leave a reply and let me know.

Only love,

P.S. Survival’s good enough for most people, but I have a feeling, you’d rather thrive. ♥

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