How to Get What You Want

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When you’re frustrated, doesn’t it seem like nothing works the way you want it to?

Each time I sat down at my computer to write my weekly newsletter this past week (subscribe here), I’d get a few thoughts down but idea after idea slipped through my fingers – before anything could be fully formed.

The more I tried to make it work, the less sense anything made. I was too up in my head.

Pushing for an outcome just pushes it farther away.

So I allowed myself to not think about it for a few days. Took a nice long bath and gave myself permission to stop and really notice how I was feeling. Open up space for and soaked in it.

Drained. Stuck. Uninspired.

When the mind is full of chatter, listen to the body instead. 

After one particularly long day, I made some sleepy-time tea, and sat in stillness as it was steeping. Appreciated the sound of a quiet house. Prepared for the good night’s rest my body longed for.

Asked myself, “How do I want to feel instead?” Opened my journal, and wrote vibrant, in flow, and amused.

Gratitude is the key that unlocks every door.

Allowed my thoughts to shift to the simple things I felt grateful for in that moment. How firmly my son held my hand after school that day. The air-pressure light on my car signaling a near-flat tire. My breath.

Glancing down at the hot cup now between my hands, I read the message on my ever-wise Yogi tea bag:

Let things come to you.

I laughed out loud. Instantly, I saw how focusing too much on the finished product of my writing closed me off to receiving what matters most…the relationship I have with it. The pure enjoyment I get from the process!

How have you been focusing too much on the outcome in one of your relationships? Click ‘Leave a Reply’ at the top of this post.

Love the process, and you’ll notice more of it loving you back.

pink panther

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