Is Love is Alive?

As a working mom, one of my favorite times of the day is bedtime. Snuggling, stories, meditations, prayers. Whispers and giggles. These are moments I’ll cherish forever.
But, I also LOVE when they are sleeping soundly, my husband is at the gym and I curl up with a hot cup of tea, perhaps some very dark chocolate, and something inspiring to read or an episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Hulu. By myself. In my bed. Alone! (Oh yes, I did.)

In these moments, I express gratitude for my health, my family, our home, and shared experiences. I journal about where I’m going and who I’m becoming. It was in a few of these moments that I dreamed up the vision for this magazine. A place where a community of people in service of others could come together and share their words to inspire, evoke exploration, and celebrate who YOU are. Who I AM.

Maybe you are a mother. A daughter. A wife. A divorcee or singleton. A sister. An aunt. A friend. An entrepreneur. An employee or employer. A coach or a client. An artist. A photographer. Maybe you are some or all of these things. But these are not who you are. They are hats that we wear. Yeah, some of these hats might look pretty damn sexy on us, but they’re hats just the same.

We are as different as our fingerprints. Yet, we are connected. We are one. We are not alone. It’s no mistake that in the quiet of my bedroom, alone, that I remember this. It’s in the solitude, in the connection to myself, that I reconnect with my spirit.

It took me almost 4 decades to figure this out, but now I know this to be true. When I am in good connection with this, I show up with more love and energy for my husband, my little ones, and for my work.

To quote an old Judd’s song, “Love is alive and at a breakfast table, everyday of the week. Love is alive and it grows every day and night, even in our sleep. Love is alive and it’s made a happy woman out of me. Oh, love is alive. And here by me.” ♥

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