Lose Time


Whew! Just wrapped up the finishing touches on the March issue of the magazine. I loved the inaugural issue so much that I must admit feeling a bit nervous about whether it may have been a fluke. I am relieved to see a totally fresh issue with a standalone voice that still feels tied in with the mission statements of the magazine. I am just having too much fun. Wait, is there even such a thing?

I had someone tell me right after I decided to start this venture, “Wow. That’s alot of work.” I thought to myself, it may be a lot of time, but not work – fun. That’s what it has been for me. I lose time with layout design, looking for just the right photo, writing articles and editorials!

It got me thinking back to those days when I would spend a little too much time crafting the perfect email or putting together a powerpoint presentation. For awhile I thought my motivation was simply perfectionism. While it did certainly include some of that, I’m starting to think perhaps intuitively I knew that I wanted to be creating and designing and writing something. This feels completely different, and now I recognize why. The content wasn’t inspiring me.

Back around the first of the year, I sent an intention to do more of what I love. And the magazine has been one way that I am following through on that intention.

So, what is the one thing you can lose time doing because it’s fun?

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