Losing My Religion

yoga frog figurineInspiration is a gift and one I didn’t always realize I have access to whenever I’m open. Now that I do, it often feels like I have inspiration exploding out of me. So many things I want to make in this world. To create. To impart. To hold. To lift up.

Yeah, I have big dreams, and I love that. It speaks to my connection with greatness – the recognition that spirit works through me, through all of us. That we are all gods and loved beyond measure. We have to show up, pay attention, and work WITH the Universe.

For the longest time though, I’ve treated the future like my religion. Dreaming, longing, suffering for what’s next. And, I’ve been devout.

For example, I’m in Marie Forleo’s B-school, and one of first assignments was to reach out to others in similar industry. So I’ve started emailing magazine editors to connect and find someone willing to impart her lessons learned and knowledge from her early days so I can grow SSM and reach more who would be served with our message. That’s smart, right? Just common business sense. But, I want what I want, and I want it now. Can I fast forward? Where’s the button?

From my own spiritual growth work, I finally am seeing my impatience with what’s next as an opportunity for exploration. I asked myself why the impatience? What am I trying to escape from or avoid in the here and now?

A whiney inner voice said “I don’t know if anyone will respond.” A fear of the unknown – no big surprise there. It’s an old pattern and one I’m still practicing to release. What else? “I don’t know if I’m wasting my time.” My curiosity over what it would be like to publish an e-magazine has so far led to so much fun and inspiration. Having fun and being inspired, huh – the whole point of life, so no waste there! But it feels like there’s something else here. What is it? “I don’t want to keep figuring this out on my own!” Wait…there’s my in. Lucky #3.

I’m never actually alone, in this or in anything. (And I’m not just referring to that critical whiney voice in my head.)

Whenever we are feeling impatient, it is a chance to tune into our soul for universal guidance. It’s a chance to go deeper and feel more connected. I know that no matter if I receive an email response with from a magazine mentor, make a new connection, or find crickets chirping in my inbox, that the universe is WITH me and FOR my learning. As Gabby Bernstein phrases it in her book Spirit Junkie, “the universe has our backs.” It flirts with us. Put signs in our path.

Grace is acceptance of now. Faith is trusting that whatever will happen (or won’t) is in the best interest of our growth.

I realize now that I’ve had it backwards, praying for patience with so much of my focus on the future. Instead, giving myself permission to sit in stillness and steep in love, I no longer felt impatience around growing the magazine’s reach. I accepted the present moment and received my soul’s message that it will reach exactly who it is meant to reach in exactly the right moment for her.

Patience is a spiritual practice. A practice of tuning into the love that is available to us in the present moment. I know now what to do with that anxious energy of wanting to do more. I still have dreams, but for now the urgency, the anxiety is released.

walking frog figurineSo, I send a few emails. Take the kids to the park. Go on a dinner date with the hubby. Meet up with the girls. Do my homework. Be still. Steep in love. Seep it out – with my peeps, the waiter, the school teachers, the checkout gal. I keep my feet moving one after the other, one step at a time.  All the while, I keep both my heart and my eyes open for the next wink.  ♥

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