Making Sensitivity a Superpower

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Do you ever have a momentary lapse in love? When the mind disconnects from the heart, roaring Why does she have to be so …? Why is he so …? There are times that I see certain shadow parts of my children and disconnect from who I really am in my heart. I’m not proud of this, but I am human.

So a week ago, when my daughter’s new teacher sent home a parent questionnaire that included “What hidden gift does your child have,” I really took my time, and sat with that question. Got into the heart of it.

Looking at those times that my fear-based ego has lured me in, I recognized a pattern around sensitivity. My child’s sensitivity mirroring back to me my own.

If you’re a sensitive person, you might feel a weight on your shoulders when you watch the news. Tears may fall when you see certain commercials. A comment might make you sick to your stomach the rest of the day.

But anything perceived as a weakness (or an inconvenience, or a challenge) can also be transformed into something really useful. It’s just our fears tempting us to hide out, to disengage, to shrink. Not who we really are at our core.

So, I’ve come up with 3 ways for helping her to see sensitivity as a strength – a way to transform what could be seen as kryptonite into a superpower. I hope sharing will inspire you to do the same.

1. Stop apologizing. Start owning.

When you enter a room, can you feel the vibe of it? Can you pick up on things in conversations that others totally miss? Do you care about how you word text messages or emails so as not to offend or mislead another?

You’re plugged into nuances that others either don’t pay attention to or they just don’t catch. These Spidey-senses are a fraction of what make you a unique and beautiful part of this worldly web of energetic connection.

Your heart, your desire, your whims, and your laughter all belong here. And so does your pain, your wisdom, and your empathy. Looking at all the ways you can be grateful for your sensitivity helps reframe it into the gift that it is.

double-exposure-1393663_12802. Create boundaries, not walls.

Put boundaries in place to protect your gift. Do you need to charge your batteries with some solitude before engaging with a large group? Do you need to immunize yourself against the opinions and actions of others? Do you need to detach yourself from a negative person, environment, or newsfeed?

Not putting a structure in place for your expansion would be like Clark Kent showing up for work at the Daily Planet in his cape and tights. You can keep those channels open 24/7, or you could stand more powerfully with the gifts you’ve been given when you feel called.

3. Look for the bat signal.

The awareness of others’ needs and emotions makes you one powerful resource. The more you strengthen and protect this gift of yours, the more you will be sought out for it.

And when you are, you’ll have a choice – to apologize for it or wear it proudly.

You want to impact and connect big groups of people together? Or bring more peace to the dinner table? Or simply brighten a stranger’s day? Get clear on what you want, and then watch for the opportunity to shine.

My daughter has allowed me to appreciate more of the positives that come with being sensitive. I hope to help her see it as the gift that it is. Because none of us really have weaknesses, my dear. We simply have parts of ourselves we haven’t yet accepted.

Because it takes love to leap over metaphorical buildings baby, but I believe in you.

What hidden gift do you have? I’d love to hear from you. Click ‘Leave a Reply’ at the top of this post.

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