Manifest the Best Year of Your Life (So Far)

sun-1756322_1280I hope you enjoyed your HOLY-days! While many of us take this time to reflect back on the things that are most important to us, you may be thinking about this next year and changes you may want to make.

You attract all things in your life.

That may sound harsh to you given your experience with 2016, but on a spiritual level we manifest each person, each situation, and each event – perhaps without even knowing how.

Now, we may or may not have asked explicitly for anything that showed up for us this year, but in terms of the energy we’re putting out with our thoughts and behaviors, we are responsible for what we attract into our lives, and our reactions to it all.

Be-Aware of Old Scripts.

Tired of being stuck in “reduce, reuse, recycle” patterns? Good. That’s the first step to self-recovery, or recovering the true self. As awareness grows, we begin to see how limiting our thought patterns can really be.

But it’s impossible to undo all this conditioning on our own. Of course, we must be the ones to decide when we’re ready to begin, but we need others to reflect it back to us. Children are divinely designed mirrors!

Take notice of the false stories you tell yourself, and then you can plug into the power to change them.

Friday marked the 5th anniversary of my brother’s death. (For more, read this.) And although, there were tears, they didn’t feel the same this year.

In the middle of a marathon dance party with my kids the day before, I suddenly realized that I am living the VISION I had for my life a few years ago. When my 4 year old asked why I had tears, I could honestly say it was gratitude. I consciously co-created this life I’m now experiencing.

Between a rock and a hard place, there’s water.

In highly emotional states, we are completely stuck in a loop. One way this showed up for me was a few years ago when the only choice I could see was to EITHER be with my kids OR do meaningful work – I could only see one or the other. I spent the work day longing to be closer to them and the evenings answering texts, email and rushing them to bed so I could get back online.

But thanks to my quest to understand losing my brother, mental and emotional wellness, and how to tap into the innate spiritual intelligence that we ALL have, I began to understand how we’re only limited by our own minds. Despite having lapses of remembering this point (after all I am human), I now enjoy truly being with my family AND doing meaningful work.

There is no problem without a solution – we need only to open our hearts to receive it.

We create more of what we want to hear on our favorite internet radio stations by giving songs a thumbs up. We change the algorithm of what shows up in our favorite social media feeds with likes or hearts. And we attract more of what we want from life when we send an energetic YES MORE OF THIS each time we practice gratitude.

Partnered with conscious action, our appreciation brings more of what we desire into form.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

My friend Lizzy is living her vision of being with her babes and doing meaningful work that she loves too. Here’s a peek into her Unscripted Life.

So, in the name of all that is HOLY, is 2017 when you’ll start living the way your soul is calling you to? What’s the old story you’ll leave behind when we ring in this brand-spankin’ new year? Contact me to get started.

Because you my dear, are already unlimited. You just don’t know it yet. ♥

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