No Time Like the Present

watchHello Lovely,

Do you feel squeezed to make things happen? Do you rush around trying to fit as much into a day as possible? Does the clock loom over you, never enough of you to go around?

No really, stop right now and think about this question: What’s my relationship with time?

The time is always now.

A few years ago, I found myself in a pretty gruesome relationship with time. I would’ve answered those first 3 questions with a resounding YES. (In fact, my relationship with time is just one of many that I’ve improved through the transformative power of coaching.)

When overwhelmed, it can feel counter intuitive to press pause. But when you
stop to be fully present in this moment, you can actually slow down the busy-ness of your life and see more clearly. Since the past and the future are just mental constructs, you can in a sense negate time.

Time’s not the enemy.

When you’ve suffered a big loss, initially there’s just a lot of pain. But eventually, if you give yourself full permission to feel all that you’re feeling, it’s with time that you heal.

In time, you may gain a new perspective. You may begin to appreciate what you were meant to learn through an event or a relationship or season of your life.

Time’s no longer the enemy. It’s instead a friend, a gift to use in a way that brings enjoyment. Instead of seeing only lack of time, you see the abundance of it.

But, you don’t have to suffer a big loss to change your mindset. When you begin to see it’s your ego or false self that turned time into an adversary, and connect to the truth that lies deep within you, you’ve begun to heal your relationship with time.

You don’t find time, you make it.

Most of the women that I’ve worked with have had trouble fitting self-care into their busy schedule. This was big for me too. Inevitably, we’ve all come to the same conclusion: when you’re running around on empty, all you have to offer anyone is fumes.

If you wait around for spare time to magically appear, you’ll be waiting forever. Because extra time doesn’t just drop from the sky. Devote yourself to what your soul needs first and you have more to give others.

It’s all a matter of choice.

When we feel anxious, stressed, or negative, we’ve essentially turned away from the present moment, entertaining fear (or some form of it) instead. With that simple awareness, we recognize the choice to return back to the here and now – where things like intention…and purpose…and truth…and love all live.

This choice is what A Course in Miracles calls the Holy Instant. Each instant we choose to be and act from our true self, rather than our fear-based ego, is a miracle. And miracles can only be accessed in – you guessed it – the present moment!

Happy manifesting,

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