Nudges from the universe

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So I’m sitting with my dear friend today after lunch waiting for her car to be ready at the car wash, and I’m telling her about how I set an intention for my next post to be something light. It’s a theme for me lately as I’ve been looking at all the areas of my life and looking for opportunities to build in more fun and spontaneity, so it felt fitting that my next post be just that. As the words were coming out of my mouth, she points out this cute little car in line at the car wash and we start talking about how inspiration can really come from anywhere as long as we are paying attention. A man standing behind us happens to overhear our conversation, introduces himself as the CEO of the company and explains that they use face recognition software to reunite lost pets with their owners. “That’s cool” I thought, then it hit me. That’s exactly what I love about coaching. For me, it’s like holding up a mirror for people to see themselves with the limitless possibility and creativity that exists within them so they can work their way back to their true self. And at times, it can be really fun and inspirational!

I was so wrapped up for years in the stories I told myself and my beliefs that I lost connection to who I am. When this happens, we fail to recognize the possibilities of inspiration that we have within us already to make the life choices that will feed our soul. The thing about living with intentionality or consciousness, is that when you are, cool things start happening. Pay attention to these little nudges from the universe. My mom calls them God winks. That’s how you know you are finally on the right path.

Shout out to Philip with the super cool company, and sweet little eye-catching ride. You could just tell by talking to him that he’s living out his life purpose.

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