Overwhelmed? Simplify with this magic shout-out.

Do you ever feel like life is throwing you more than you can handle? Too much going on and too little of YOU to go around? I don’t know about you, but when I get this feeling, my inner voice does this whiney kid thing.

Why is this happening? I’m supposed to be an adult! I should’ve figured this s**t out by now.

But we don’t have the time for a temper tantrum, right?

I can force myself to plow through. Ugh. I have to get past this! If I only had a magic wand…

Until five minutes later something else adds to the feeling and sets us off again…and again ten minutes after that. Does this ever happen to you too?

Feeling overwhelmed is a cue that we’re stuck out in the Neverland of our minds.

And we can access a magic wand. Here’s what I mean:

Our preschool announced that they’ll no longer offer part-time care… just a few weeks before summer. This meant finding a new summer camp option for our daughter, a new permanent pre-school for our son, and coming to grips with yet another transition period for him. Before I even had any programs or pricing sheets in front of me, I could feel overwhelm starting to appear. (It helps me to think of it as a noun.)

peter-886132_1280I could’ve let my thoughts spin out of control. Instead, I chose to call on my friend P.E.T.E.R.

P – ause. I did some deep breathing, walked away from my to-do list. It feels counter-intuitive, but actually taking a pause is powerful for moving through overwhelm. I still didn’t know what the future held, but I reconnected to my faith that it would all work out.

E – xplore. I observed the fear that had initially showed up, and once I’d separated myself from it, I started expanding. What was my idea of a dream summer? Exploring is not about reality; it’s about spit-balling and creating possibility. The sky’s the limit!

T – ell the truth. Owning up to what’s just a story that we’re making up in our heads vs. what’s real is super powerful. Being honest with myself about what’s in my control and what’s not, helped me get past a brewing pity party and into grace.

E – dit. I wrote out all the pros and cons, but this time from a more centered place. Getting our to-dos out of our minds and onto paper helps us see our essentials and what’s just noise getting in the way. We can choose: “What will I say yes to? What will I say no to?”

R – ealize. We are co-creators of our lives. From the lens of my core desired feelings, I realized yet again how empowering it is to make conscious choices from that centered place. What actions can you take to get closer to how you want to feel, today? Make it real by taking lots of little right actions over a period of time, or one big one!

No need to add this to the to-do list! Just remember P.E.T.E.R.

Having found a school we’re all now thrilled and excited about, I’m feeling so grateful. My faith not only worked for me, but I kinda loved the ride.

SERIOUSLY – it’s like sprinkling pixie dust to get you where you want to be.

The more we practice changing our perspective, the quicker we can get ourselves out of Neverland and on with enjoying our kids and our lives.

What’s keeping you from truly loving your life right now? Share your insights below. ♥

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