Packing my suitcase


Every time I get ready to go on a trip, I have the same routine. I sit down and write out what I want to pack. I start with the basics, factor in the weather forecast, and think of all that I will be doing during the trip. Besides clothing and toiletries, I think about what convenience items I will want to have with me as well. Then I walk into my closet and imagine what it will feel like to be at the destination and how I want to experience the time I will have there. Once I am in that mindset, I start to pick out my outfits and place them into my suitcase, but inevitably, there’s a point when I realize that I am running out of space and have to make some decisions about what I really want to take with me and what I actually don’t need.

As I reflect upon the last 15 years I have been in various roles within the same company, I’m taking stock and preparing for the next leg of my life’s journey. I know I have a choice in what habits I take along with me, and what no longer serves me. I also honor all that I have learned in the process.

What I will take along with me:
– friendships
– gratitude
– kindness to myself and others
– my tenacity to go after what matters
– curiosity
– my love of people
– a sparkle in my eyes

What I choose to leave behind:
– self judgment
– self doubt
– analysis paralysis and my exhausting quest for the “perfect” question or the “right” answer
– guilt

What I’ve learned:
– Fear can either be self-limiting or really useful when you decide to lean into it for the sake of honoring your life’s purpose.
– Life is a journey of self discovery and spiritual connection.
– People are mirrors and teachers, you just have to pay attention and be willing to look within.
– We are ALL creative, resourceful, and whole.

Namaste and bon voyage!

P.S. A big thank you to my coach and mentor Nancy Baker for the inspiration for this post, and the support she gave me while I sorted through how to create the life that I love.

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