Quiet on the Set

Daughter's socksSo my 6-year old randomly walks into the kitchen and says “Sometimes I wonder if I’m just in a very long movie.” Hmmm. What can I say? I was inspired to explore her comment with a post.

As a child, you are the star of the show. All your needs and thoughts matter most and are front and center to you. (As an older sibling, you may even have an assistant or two.)

There are usually parents jumping in to give you direction.

You either have a private chef or caterers. When your chef has the night off or there’s a mix-up with the caterers, someone makes a food run.

Lighting is of utmost importance (especially when an ominous closet or monstrous character is part of the story).

Music can bring your body to life, enhancing or completely changing the mood of the scene.

Setting and costumes can contribute to the experience, blend into the background or completely take away making it difficult to stay in character.

There’s usually an audience watching your every move and sometimes they react with applause, laughter or a running commentary. (You may even have a critic or two sitting in the back.)

I can easily see now how she might have gotten this idea. If only she could know her own genius in this and stay conscious to it through and beyond adolescence.

Because how we experience life is a projection of our own beliefs, this is quite a powerful metaphor. As grown-ups we don’t have to stop at just being the star of our own movie.

We can choose to study and direct our behavior.

We can choose how we cater to and feed our bodies.

We can choose to design our light, balancing when to sit in front of a screen and when to get out in the sun.

We cast those in supporting roles, attracting those who are right in the role or offer us the most to build our own character. We can choose who we want to keep around on the set and who gets cut.

We can choose our own soundtrack.

We can choose to move and to get moving.

We can choose our costume pieces and which roles we play. When these aren’t fulfilling us, we will be completely distracted from our purpose.

We can choose to listen to the critics (yes, the critic is more often our own voice) or maintain our own artistic integrity.

We can choose which aspects of our character we want to grow, develop, and give more screen time.

We can choose to bring quiet to the set and be mindful and intentional with our actions.

As life is just a projection on our own beliefs, is it time to rewrite your next scene?  Will yours be a story of celebration for our heroine?  Are you ready for more action and adventure?  Or maybe you crave more comedic relief. Will you solve the mystery or will your constant search for that special spark inside be left unsolved?

And not knowing when the credits will roll but that they must certainly will, how do you want to feel about your creation when the house lights turn up?

Kids. Maybe tomorrow she will inspire me to dissect some theory of quantum physics. ♥

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