Road trip

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I had the pleasure of a road trip this morning to assist at a Co-Active Fundamentals course in Austin. On the drive, it was gray and a little rainy, and I started thinking about how I could really use the time to create space and center myself to be present for the class and be excited and positive about whatever the rest of the day would bring. I was feeling really grateful for the time on the road and the beauty of the countryside, and the way the rain made everything around me look clean and refreshed. I practiced deep, cleansing breaths, and started noticing how good I was physically feeling. I have been battling a sinus infection for the last week, so this was a change and felt really good to be able to breathe and also to feel the way my breath was lighting up the energy throughout my body. I felt really alive.

From this place of peaceful, calm, I just allowed my mind to gently wander. I randomly thought how many people sign off their emails, letters, and conversations with the parting “take care”. I never gave those words much thought. Just kind of an auto-pilot kind way to part. I thought – how often am I taking my own advice? In what ways could I be taking better care of myself? Sleeping more, eating well, and exercising more often all have been pretty obvious. The more elusive one for me at least, was the taking care with good, kind thoughts and words of affirmation for myself. More breathing. Less judgment. More openness and presence. More willingness to find the laughter and enjoyment in whatever’s showing up now.

But the driver is not who I am. We are much more than our thoughts and random musings. We are more than the grocery lists happening in our minds, and the reflections on the past, or the anxious worries about what the future will bring. We are all connected. We are the love and energy that flows through each of our bodies.

I realized that I’ve always had this ability to breathe, but don’t always take the opportunity to focus my thoughts on it or realize how something so simple can bring such great perspective. As a child, you are raised by adults, and then when you become an adult, at some point you realize that the parenting never stops – it just switches drivers with you at the wheel of your own life. I’ve known how to drive a car for more than 20 years, but it was not until recently when I realized that I am finally consciously driving my life.

Plus, I love me a good road trip.

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