Someone else’s kid

humanitarian-aid-939723_1280Someone else’s kid ran out into the street today after a basketball. I didn’t stop to think, “That’s not my kid” when I shouted after him and waved down the oncoming cars. I just took action because it was the right thing to do, it was easy, and it was my maternal instinct kicking in.

When it’s a child right in front of us, it’s reflex to help protect them – regardless of whether they are our own. When it’s a child across the world brought to us on a screen, it’s easier to feel helpless. So we do nothing.

Until now.

Using the power of the internet, social media, and accessibility, The Compassionate Collective organization is taking back Mother’s Day.

“THE COMPASSION COLLECTIVE USES ZERO OF YOUR DONATIONS FOR OVERHEAD. Every penny we receive goes directly to help people in need. We have already raised over $1.4 million with 40,000 givers.

“The maximum donation is $25 and donations of $5, $10 or $15 dollars will change the world. All funds we raise will be distributed equally between aid to refugees abroad and homeless youth in the United States.”

This is a powerful example of everyday people (who happen to be some of my favorite writers/spiritual leaders/coaches/parents/humans) leading from the front – showing how a little human kindness can actually go a long way.

The same energy that compelled me to shout after that boy is the same energy I’m sharing this with you today.  I believe there is a mother within all of us – and that part of us, can heal the world if we listen and take heart-centered action. ♥


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