The Most Common Error We Make

We need to talk. I love drama in movies, but all over I keep hearing instances of real life people unraveling because of human error. Last week, there was an article in The Wall Street Journal about how burnout is worsening at many companies, because “Everyone’s job is now an extreme job.”

No matter if the job is “Accountant” or “Teacher” or “HR Professional” or “Nurse” or “Mom,” we’re packing more into the day and taking fewer breaks. Holding ourselves to a higher standard each day is leading to emotional and physical exhaustion!

Women in particular, with or without pressure to perform at “work,” place even more on ourselves to perform as mothers.

In our small-minded thinking, we try to manifest perfection, but like abundance, it already exists. Our most common human error is in thinking we are separate from the divine. 

Our egoic minds are filled with thoughts of needing more than we already have, doing more than we already can, being more than we already are. It’s all nonsense.

Drama avoids reality. The reality of being with the true self, or Spirit.

No matter what form of perfection you’re holding yourself to for the future (or didn’t achieve in the past), know that it already exists inside the divine here and now. It’s not in the effort or the proving or the striving. It’s in the steep of release.

I’m curious, where does the delusion of human perfection tend to get in your way? Leave me a comment below. ♥

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