The Not-Forgiveness List

You know those little regrets swimming around in your head? The minor oops-if-I-had-it-to-do-over-again things?

You know, the ones.

I had more than a few of these pop up during Spring Break:

  1. Had not one, but two marathon TV and movie days in our jammies…and thought how lazy.
  2. Our daughter chose to go to bed hungry…Should’ve known she’d refuse to eat that dinner.
  3. Threatened no dessert for a week…Not exactly a natural consequence for jumping on the couch.
  4. Chose the path of least resistance and cleaned it up myself…how will they ever learn?
  5. Overlooked the shove and panic of that BBC guy and his wife so I could have a laugh (and another, and another)…What does this say about me?
  6. Turned down the 18th offer/plead to play light sabers…I. Just. Can’t.
  7. Said okay to Fruit Loops and Toaster Strudels…Can I have “Poison Sugar Breakfast” for 2,000?
  8. Stayed up too late to finish Season 5…What happened to willpower?
  9. Streamed an audio book from Hoopla that time I didn’t feel like reading aloud…Am I contracting out hugs too?
  10. Demanded two options to just go: upstairs or outside…Not exactly inviting or playful.
  11. Said “Yes, I get it” when I actually had no clue what he meant…Guess I’m not honoring my honesty value today.
  12. Skipped the lemon water and green juice and headed straight for the caffeine…Why the rush?
  13. Took a break from my R.E.A.D.Y. routine the week it would’ve served me most…Duh.
  14. Silently cursed the driver for pulling out in front of us, then
  15. Silently cursed the library people for not opening until noon, and then
  16. Silently cursed myself for not blessing them instead….Wow, really using the power of my word in the direction of truth and love today.

I’ve decided to call this a not-forgiveness list, because reconnecting to that small, still voice inside and listening to the truth, I know there’s nothing to forgive.

Thoughts don’t define who we are.

It's not lapses in thinking that define us, but our returning to love. Click To Tweet

Self-condemnation is selfish, and regret might be the laziest of all feelings because it never serves anyone.

“Relate only with what will never leave you, and what you can never leave” (A Course in Miracles).

The sooner we accept our doings as done, the quicker we create space to do better.

So, what will you put on your not-forgiveness list? Put a wrong thought behind you by leaving it in the comments below. ♥

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