The only problem you’ll ever really have

lionness and cub

You’ve had ups and downs; we all have.

Unions, births, service.
Splits, deaths, ego-trips.

A good friend of mine, despite a very trying weekend, inspired me this morning. “It’s all part of life,” she said.

Wow, I thought. Isn’t this the privilege of a lifetime – truly being here…FOR ALL OF IT? Because even in the depths of despair and loss, we can choose what to focus on. What action or perspective we take. Feel it all and be grateful for getting a ticket for this WILD RIDE?

A few years ago, I realized that I could live my life full on if I wanted to – and I do want to – with enthusiasm. So later when I heard that the latin root entheos – literally translates to having God within, being within God, something inside me clicked. No separation. We are one.

So if you’re experiencing a low today, remember this:

There is no problem without a solution.

What’s yours? What is life teaching you now? What haven’t you tried?

And if you’re experiencing a high, remember this:

You could be someone’s reminder.

What are you most grateful for? How could you be of service?

Remember who you are. -Mufasa

You are resourceful and creative and whole. And forgetting – that’s really the only problem you’ll ever have.

Only love,

P.S. Doesn’t it feel good to know that you’re both the problem and the solution??? ♥

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