Moms, This is the Rainbow We’ve Been Praying For

hands-1282713_1280You see that sparkle in your child’s eyes? You once had it too.

Remember those bright, bright sun-shiney days, when you just loved life itself?

As we grow up, we absorb countless subconscious messages that change the way we look at life.

We get them from our parents, other family members, educators, media, friends, and strangers. They’ve been passed down for generations. And these messages form self-limiting beliefs.

These self-limiting beliefs are not real.

More than anything, I want my children to love and trust themselves and grow up with the same love of life that they have now.

Shortly after I had my son, a book found its way onto my nightstand and I could finally see how what I most want for my children IS POSSIBLE.

Yep – you read me right.

We can change the pattern for ourselves and for our children.

That book was The Conscious Parent, and revolutionized the way I viewed parenthood. I felt like it was the rainbow I’d been praying for!

There’s a much clearer, more fulfilling way.

I can see clearly now where striving, comparing and trying to control are just obstacles getting in the way of love.

And if you’re saying, “This sounds great Cory, but I don’t have time to read a book these days,”

Just watch this talk the author, Dr. Shefali Tsabary, recently gave at Oprah’s SuperSoul Sessions.

It’s 27 minutes, so if you can’t watch it now, add me to your favorites and watch it on your lunch break, when the kids are napping, the bus ride home, or before your bath this evening.

Whenever. Just give yourself (and your kids) this gift, ok?

I have no doubt that if you’re open to it, her message will change your life as it has mine.


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Nothing but blue skies,

P.S. Do you hear Johnny’s Nash’s “I Can See Clearly Now” playing too?

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